Check out the EVERYDAY MATTERS CHALLENGES for some good suggestions for drawing. These challenges create little exercises you can do in a few minutes to stretch your drawing brain. There is also a FLCKR group where you can form community with others who have worked through the comprehensive list. Today I gave it a stab with FW RED EARTH ink and some of my Kremer watercolors. It has taken me time to bust open the Kremers: they looked so pristine and perfect it was intimidating given the fact that my old Pelikan colors look like a pigment pizza. My first Aquabee Super-Deluxe Sketchbook ( sounds like it should come with extra cheese and a strawberry milkshake ) is half-way complete, and soldiers on despite a liberal dose of balsamic vinaigrette  in my backpack weeks ago. Still smells—-but works A.O.K.  Oh, there are so many things in life we can say that about…
My favorite shoe is a bit downtrodden but I still really love it.

EVERYDAY MATTERS CHALLENGE: DRAW YOUR SHOE. ©2012 Ellen Ward. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce, reblog, or PIN on PINTEREST. FW Red Earth Ink, Kremer watercolors, Aquabee SuperDeluxe sketchbook.


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  1. vwcheung Says:

    What a lovely shoe and great drawing subject!

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