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This site houses random sketches from my sketchbooks. After working as a designer ( graphic and product ) and illustrator for years, I stopped keeping a formal sketchbook and only drew from life when an assignment required this kind of drawing. Keeping a sketchbook felt a bit like overkill. I did sketches, but did not archive them in any formal way beyond tossing “the worthies” in a binder. After a whole day dealing with the visual world, how was a sketchbook going to be pleasant? Do dentists make molds of teeth in their free time? Develop imaginary bridges? Make plans to fill future cavities?  ( maybe only really dedicated dentists…)

A bout of insomnia led to some sketches which eventually became a THREADLESS T-SHIRT. I had no rules surrounding this drawing, and this separated the work from commercial concerns. It became a vacation. Fifteen minutes at a time. I started drawing from life in spare moments and then this activity became meditation. Very healthy. Reminded me of why I liked the art thing in the first place.

Recently became a member of URBAN SKETCHERS and now have several completed books on the shelf .

Drawing is good for you. Do some every day!


Please do not copy without permission.

I hold all copyright on images and text, all rights reserved unless it is stated in writing otherwise on this site.

Do not pin my images on Pinterest. You do not hold copyright and you do not have this right to reproduce my images anyplace, anytime, no how, no way. If you do this you are breaking the law and I will pursue you like Tommy Lee Jones in “ THE FUGITIVE”.


Important Note:

Copyright is reserved on all images and text generated by ELLEN WARD.

Contact me if you want to make a copy and use any text or images for publication elsewhere.

All spam blogs will be reported for copyright infringement.


13 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. lovetoshop Says:

    It’s funny …. I can so relate – love the design!!

  2. beth Says:

    i’d like to talk to you about getting your “run” artwork made into a poster for me.

    • invincible pioneer Says:

      Much thanks for the support! Threadless now has copyright on wall art so you might want to see the site for wall decor possibilities!

  3. Naomi Says:

    Ellen Ward… as in “The” Ellen Ward I attended CPCC with back in 2008? I’m so happy I found your blog. How exciting!

    Naomi (Reeves) VanDoren

  4. Sandy Says:

    Ellen, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. See the nomination at anotherlovelyday.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/very-inspiring-blogger-award. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and many others!
    ~ Sandy

  5. artrophy Says:

    I just discovered you via threadless! Having browsed through your blog this morning, I gotta say: I love your art! love love love love

  6. nitrogenseekers Says:

    Hi Ellen,
    Question for ya: did you ever find out how to block people from “pinning” your artwork on Pinterest? I’ve discovered that WordPress doesn’t allow users to employ the “nopin” code and I’m hoping there are alternatives. Thanks!


    • invincible pioneer Says:

      I sent a cease and desist and required that PINTEREST BLOCK all users from pinning my images since they were infringing on my copyright. The burden of proper behaviour is on PINTEREST and its USERS not on WORDPRESS FREE BLOGS. PINTEREST constantly infringes on visual copyright… because they have no clear system of vetting pins and place all responsibility on the uninformed user.


      • nitrogenseekers Says:

        Thank you Ellen.
        I agree with your statements completely. I will contact Pinterest and request a block of my work as well. The question is (you didn’t make this clear) did they do as you asked?


      • invincible pioneer Says:


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