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June 14, 2012

UPDATE: Pinterest took down my images w/in 24 hours of notice. Good for them! They also advised me to install a ” no pin ” plug in. Free WordPress blogs do not have this editing capability, and I will do so once I upgrade my personal bloggery to a paid site. It is distressing to hear that PINTEREST seems to still evade a level of conscious responsibility for the service and for users’ actions on the service. The burden of  following the law rests with PINTEREST, not the copyright owners who are being violated.

Prompts before the  ” pinning”  process need to ask users:

– Is this your personal original work ( writing, image. photograph)?
– Did the author give you permission in writing to reproduce this image on PINTEREST?
– Is the image marked “copyrighted or all rights reserved”?

If any of  the above are true, we regret you cannot ” pin” this item.

In response to all those who lament the idea that images and text by others is protected by artistic copyright (…” but I really like it and it is a compliment for me to pin a person’s art”….blah blah blah ), I offer the following analogy regarding reproduction of things that are not one’s own:

Just because you may like a person’s husband—–does not mean you have the right to reproduce with him. You may do so, but there is probably going to be an angry wife in your future!


I served Pinterest a take-down notice for featuring my images on their site. As Pinterest’s own rules of engagement stipulate, members should only post imagery on which they hold copyright. Here’s the rub: I hold copyright on ALL MY IMAGES AND TEXT. A visual artist’s work belongs to the artist. It is the artist’s work product and protected under copyright law. Just because it is easy to reproduce something does not mean one has the right to do so. My copyright and stance has always been evident on my blog header image. All my image posts indicate copyright.

I will update on Pinterest’s reply. The service itself in my opinion, simply encourages copyright infringement.